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Welcome to the official CAA ATOL Claims Portal


  • In line with the Air Travel Trust (ATT) Payment Policy ( the ATT can only accept consumer claims submitted within 12 months of an ATOL holder's failure.

    A list of ATOL failures that are now closed to claims can be accessed on

    Any claim submitted for closed failures will be refused.
You can use this portal to make an ATOL claim if you hold an ATOL protected booking with an ATOL holder that has ceased trading.

The purpose of the ATOL scheme is to protect you from losing money or experiencing difficulties overseas if your ATOL holder ceases trading.

You may be able to make a claim if:
  • You booked an ATOL protected flight or holiday that has been cancelled because your ATOL holder has ceased trading
  • You were abroad and your ATOL protected flight or holiday was disrupted e.g. you had to pay again for your accommodation or transfers; or the CAA asked you to book your own flight home
  • You are still owed a full or part refund for a cancelled ATOL protected flight or package holiday
You can only make a claim if you are the lead passenger on the booking. ‘Lead passenger’ is the term we use for the person who made the booking and their name will appear first on the ATOL Certificate or other travel documents. As lead passenger you will be our main point of contact for the life cycle of your claim (unless you tell us to pay your refund to a travel agent or tour operator).

In exceptional cases you can ask a friend or relative to make a claim on your behalf. If they complete the online form for you, we will contact you and ask you to sign a formal claim declaration.

Please note, you cannot ask your travel agent to make a claim on your behalf. For further information travel agents should visit - Info for Agents.

Before you make a claim please examine your travel documents to check that your booking is protected by the ATOL of the failed ATOL holder. ATOL Certificates indicate ATOL protection and ATOL holders are required to issue these when they sell ATOL protected flights and package holidays. ATOL Certificates are easy to recognise documents – click here for an example.

Does your ATOL Certificate name the failed ATOL holder under ‘Who is protecting your trip?’ If your ATOL Certificate states that your booking is protected by a different ATOL holder you cannot make a claim and should contact them for advice.

If you booked a package holiday and no longer have your ATOL Certificate you should check your Confirmation. This will show more details about your holiday and normally shows the failed ATOL holder’s name and/or logo. If your Confirmation was issued by a different ATOL holder you cannot make a claim and should contact them for advice.

Please note that we can only accept claims for bookings that are protected by the failed company’s ATOL.

What information do I need to complete this claim?

  • Booking reference/ the unique reference number shown on your ATOL Certificate
  • Booking documents
  • Travel agent’s details (if applicable)
  • Your personal and passport details. Remember the claim form must be completed by the lead passenger.
  • Bank details for claim settlement
  • Details of the payments you made to the ATOL holder or your travel agent. If you used a component of your package, such as your flight, we also need details of the payments you made to rebook the other elements of your holiday.
If your claim is accepted, you can use this system to track and manage your claim(s).
The form includes fields for your email address and contact number so that we can contact you about your claim if we need to.

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The UK CAA has the power to prosecute offences related to its statutory functions. Person(s) who make fraudulent ATOL claims, following the failure of an ATOL holder, may be prosecuted by the UK CAA for offences under section 1 of the Fraud Act 2006. The maximum sentence for this offence is 10 years’ imprisonment.

If you think you are eligible to make a claim, please click the green ‘Next’ button and select the name of your failed ATOL holder. If you have previously made a claim on this portal, please click on the existing user ‘Sign in’ button.
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